Top Green electricity tips that can conserve energy and lower costs.

To begin you should audit your home and lifestyle. A home energy audit is a way to inventory your home's energy use, where energy is lost, and where it can be saved. You can do an energy audit yourself or get a pro. Many utilities also offer home and business energy audits free. American homes consume around six times the world average. Homes consume a vast amount of energy. Home audits provide simple solutions that can reduce your electricity bill. Below are other useful tips to start cutting electrical costs:

  • Reduce your consumption

  • Use bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) or even light emitting diodes (LEDs).

  • Turn off lights and other electrical devises when not in use.

  • Avoid using electronics on a standby setting; they continue to use a electricity even when "turned off."

  • AC adaptors on many power cables, pull currents, they should be removed from the wall when not in use or utilize a power strip that can be turned off at night.

  • Clothes driers consume a lot of power, so line dry clothes to save energy.

  • Keep your house cool with natural ventilation

  • Use house fans to move air throughout the house

  • Block direct sunlight during hot hours

  • Wrap electrical water heaters with an insulating blanket

  • Buy smart

  • Look for new energy-efficient appliances

  • Electronics like computers and audio equipment can be big power suckers, reduce the use.

  • Be smart with lighting.

  • Install home alternative energy systems. Photovoltaic, or solar electric, systems are the most common.

  • Wind turbines help circulate the air, thus, keeping the house cooler.

  • Charge up your electronic toys with solar energy.

  • Build new homes around energy efficiency to bring in enormous savings.

  • Sign up for green power. Getting green power may be as easy as checking a box on your energy bill. About 600 of the US's 6,000 power utilities offer a green power option of one kind or another. In this sort of program, the local utility buys renewable energy (wind, solar, etc.) and then passes it along to customers.

  • Buy renewable energy credits. The most recognized certifier of RECs is Green-e, an independent, non-profit group that verifies renewable energy credits and certifies that they are what they claim to be.


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